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Latest News

I wrote a story called “Starter Culture,” which will be published in January in Cossmass Infinities. Any of you who have struggled with sourdough may find it relevant. If you’ve struggled with relationships, maybe more so.

My latest published short story, “The Prince, the Portrait, and the Pirate,” is in an anthology called As You Wish!, which can be ordered on Amazon now as an ebook and print book.

The Night Library of Sternendach: A Vampire Opera in Verse, will be coming out on April 13, 2021 from Lanternfish Press! Pre-orders will begin in February. Watch this space for updates!

“Her Brother’s Keeper,” my first drabble, is up at The Horror Tree. Scroll down to find the drabbles.

A Guide to Preparing a Supernatural Advance Directive is up at Tor.com. If you like it, I’d appreciate you leaving a comment to that effect.

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