Buying Postcards

I’ve loved Obvious State’s graphic interpretations of quotes from literature ever since I bought a pack of their “Adventure Stories” postcards on a whim at Barnes and Noble. I’m down to my last few of those, so the other day I ordered a box of 100, representing the work of women authors.

The cards, and the other paper products they make, are gorgeous, but I’m not writing this to shill for them, nor to get closer to my dream of some day writing something they decide to turn into a graphic design (though that would be awesome). I’m writing this to share what an act of faith buying postcards seems to me.

But I am still in love with cards and letters and, most recently, postcards. Sure, they’re harder to do than e-communication. They’re expensive, and you need to buy stamps, and then you need to know someone’s physical address, of which I think I know fewer than I do friends’ phone numbers. (That’s what my Harry Potter address book is for.) But that’s what makes it special. Who doesn’t love getting good mail?

If you’re visiting this site, then you probably know that I recently joined Twitter. I’ve been resisting for a while for many legitimate reasons as well as a few weird ones, but now I’m on. I see the medium’s potential. I like the idea of being able to shoot out announcements to the world, whether it be new releases of mine, or books I’m reading that I love, or anything else that needs to be more short and timely than my newsletter. I have the chance to reach a lot of people and make new connections. I’m excited about that, honestly.

And postcards are so pretty.

When I was on vacation last summer at Disney/Universal, I was absolutely amazed at how hard it was to find postcards to purchase. And I get it. It’s easier to take a picture with your phone and put it on Instagram. It probably makes more sense. I felt the end of an era there in that gift shop. I know that I just bought a hundred art objects I may never get a chance to use. Still, I believe in post cards, and I believe in the US Mails, even if the eels on their current postcard stamps wig me out. I’m going to send as many of these postcards as I can. If that makes me eccentric, well, I’m an author and have a ready-made excuse.

And in these weird times, I think we all could use more “good mail.”

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