2020 Eligibility List

I recently learned that there was such a thing as an eligibility list, and I thought I’d take a crack at it. This has been a rough year, and the last month has been especially bad for me. I shall therefore take a moment to review what I’ve gotten published this year, to remind me that even in the middle of this mess, I have accomplishments to brag about.

“An Exile and an Orphan, I” in Predators in Petticoats. (4100 words) This is such a neat anthology, and I’m proud of my story in it. It’s but one product of my three-year opera kick. (The other comes out next year.)

“The Prince, The Portrait, and the Pirate” in As You Wish! (about 3000 words) This is a romantic/comic adventure. My kid said she liked it, which is the highest praise I can think of.

“A Guide to Preparing a Supernatural Advance Directive” appeared on Tor.com. (about 1200 words) Pretty much what it says on the tin, I guess this is fiction. But I like to think that under the right circumstances, the advice would be really useful.

“Her Brother’s Keeper” appeared on Trembling With Fear. It’s a fairy tale and a drabble (100 words), and I don’t know that they give awards for those. I wouldn’t envy those judging for such a thing. But the important thing is that I got the idea out of my head, and into yours. Enjoy!

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