2021 Eligibility List

Here is everything I’ve had published in 2021. I listed awards for which the pieces are eligible, but it’s hardly exhaustive. So if you know a committee or jury that needs to see my work, don’t hesitate to send it along!

If you are in a position to nominate and need a review copy, please contact me, and I’ll see what I can do to get you one.

The Night Library of Sternendach: A Vampire Opera in Verse
Lanternfish Press, April 2021
Novella, 24,000 words

cover by K. Glyder

The novella tells the story of Kunigunde, the scion of a family of vampire hunters who falls in love with the undead Graf of Sternendach. It’s about family, love, loss, and growing up and written in Pushkin sonnets (with a brief detour into the stylings of John Donne). It’s lush, romantic, funny, sarcastic, and addictive to read.

Eligible for the Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award, Shirley Jackson Award, Nebula Award, and British Fantasy Award in their Novella categories. Ladies of Horror Fiction Award Novella and Newcomer categories.

If you know how to get on the radar for the Lord Ruthven Award, let me know. Or the Dracula Society Children of the Night Award. Or the Elgin Award. Or let them know about me yourself, please and thank you.

“Starter Culture”
Cossmass Infinities Issue 4, January 2021
Short Fiction, 3000 words

She’s been brewing her own conversation starters for years now, but something is off about the latest batch…

Eligible for the Hugo, World Fantasy Award, Shirley Jackson Award, Nebula and British Fantasy Award for Short Fiction.

Strange Horizons, June 28 2021
Poem, 60 lines

A twisted, tragic love story about office supplies rendered in the style of a traditional ballad. Read it for free at the link above.

Eligible for the Rhysling Award for “Best Long Poem.”

“Silver Hands Against the Devil”
In In Somnio, Tenebrous Press, November 2021
Short Fiction, 1900 words

Two fairy tales collide in a story of post-apocalyptic horror.

Eligible for the Hugo, World Fantasy Award, Shirley Jackson Award, Nebula, Stoker, and British Fantasy Award for Short Fiction. Go ahead and nominate the whole book in the Anthology category. The editor and I would appreciate it a lot.

A Farewell to Jim Steinman
Blog Post, May 2021
Personal Essay, 1100 words

I don’t know if this is eligible for any awards, but it would mean a lot to me if more people read it.

Astounding Award for New Writer

My first year of eligibility for the Astounding Award for New Writer is in 2022, which means I’m eligible now! Please vote for me if you can.

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