All I Want For Christmas (or, free gifts for the writer in your life)

Around this time of year, one of my favorite pastimes is looking at all the gift guides online. From The New York Times to Chuck Wendig, everyone has lists of great gifts at various price points, some of which are of course going to be sold out the second you read about them. That’s fine. I’m in it for the wishin’, and now is the time of year when I make my own wish list for family. This year, I made one to share with everyone.

I have here compiled a wish list comprising items I want that, should you choose to get me something,

  • will cost you absolutely nothing but time on the internet and, let’s face it, you’re spending plenty of that already.
  • will never sell out.
  • can be gotten at the absolute last minute.

This list is also good for birthdays or any other gift-giving holiday you may observe, and other published writers would like these things, too. Let’s begin!


I don’t like Amazon. I’ve made that clear. But I cannot emphasize enough how important reviews of my books, like Sternendach, are. Lots of good reviews make the book look better. Lots of reviews, good or bad, make it look interesting. So please, if you haven’t already, head over and leave a review. Goodreads is another option. So is The Storygraph. Don’t be afraid to copy and paste your review across multiple sites, if you like.

Word of Mouth

This is related to reviews, but in different places. Are you a fan and active on social media? Do you make “Best-of” lists and share them with people? Routinely share pictures of your shelves and the books you love? Please post or tweet about my stuff. Tag me and I’ll retweet. I’ve bought and borrowed plenty of books because people on social media wouldn’t shut up about them, and I’d love to see some of that magic go my way.

My Book at Your Local Library

Most libraries have a system for requesting items that aren’t in their catalog online, or you can just ask a librarian. Sternendach is already in some 60 libraries across the country (according to and there are more out there. This also helps get librarians on my side, and they know what they’re about.

Fan Art

I can’t draw, but I am amazed by people who can. I would be so excited to see my readers’ visual representations of my characters. I will share the heck out of it, unless you don’t want me to, in which case I will hold it close to my heart and look at it on those occasions when I need a boost.

Award Nominations

This one is a little more specialist. I would love to see my work nominated for something. I put together an Eligibility Post which lists everything I’ve published this year, short and long, with lists of the awards for which they are eligible. The lists are not comprehensive, and some require that you be members of an organization to nominate or vote. But if you see an opportunity to nominate me for something, I’d be just thrilled if you took it. I hear Locus Magazine does awards anyone can vote in.

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