2022 Eligibility List

Here is everything I’ve published in 2022. If you know a committee or jury that needs to see my work, don’t hesitate to send it along!

“Down with the Holly, Ivy, All”

A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales
Brigids Gate Press, January 2022
Short fiction, 3000 words

“Salt and Flowers”

Cossmass Infinities Issue 7, January 2022
Short fiction, 5244 words

“Nurtures and Protects”

Cosmic Horror Monthly #29, November 2022
Flash Fiction, 500 words

“I Object to the Teaching of Fish in Schools”

Funny Times, November 2022
Satirical, 326 words

“The Role of a Lifetime”

Dracula Beyond Stoker 1, November 2022
Poem, 35 lines

Astounding Award for New Writer

My second (and final) year of eligibility for the Astounding Award for New Writer is in 2022, which means I’m eligible now! Please vote for me if you can.

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