My Writing


“An Exile and an Orphan, I.” In Predators in Petticoats.

“The Prince, the Portrait, and the Pirate.” In As You Wish!, published by Rogue Blades Entertainment.

Books in Print

“The Spree.” In Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts v.2, from Smoking Pen Press.

Short Stories on the Web

“Blue Christmas.” The Overcast.

“Mana and the Virtue of Higher Education.” Body Parts Magazine.

“Wedding Feast.” Luna Station Quarterly.

Deeper Dive: Non-fiction essays on

The Hidden Anti-Monarchial Message of Disney’s Frozen.

The 5 Hottest Egyptian Pharaohs.”

Doofenshmirtz as Gilgamesh: Mythic Bromance and the Humanist Ethic of Phineas and Ferb.”

The Batman and the Avatar.

The Trickster Redeem’d: A Lévi-Straussian Analysis of School of Rock.

Evidence of the Female Divine in Transformers: The Movie.

If you’re looking for my research on Nephthys

A copy of my dissertation can be yours in a convenient, affordable pdf via ProQuest. Please get my permission in writing before quoting huge chunks of it.

I also have an article in From the Banks of the Euphrates: Studies in Honor of Alice Louise Slotsky.

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